Jeneice Thompson
Jeneice Thompson

ABout Me

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Hello Gorgeous,

Welcome to my website. Right now, it’s just a sustainable fashion blog that I began in 2015 as an outlet for my creativity. I work at a green tech startup in Los Angeles and can often be found acting in my friend’s small indie projects on the weekend.

My journey with clothes started in elementary school and landed me my first couple of jobs as a personal stylist. I decided to make an intentional shift toward sustainability in late 2015 when I realized that as someone who loves something that exploits people and the planet, I could either keep being part of the problem, or change myself to become part of the solution. I’ve always considered myself a problem solver, so for me it was a no brainer.

Although blogging and “being an influencer” have become quite popular these days, I haven’t figured out how to be happy while living under the pressure to create for my followers. So, I am still just doing all this on my time, for myself, but I hope sharing it brings you something of value.