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Jeneice Thompson

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Hello Gorgeous,

Welcome to my website. A lifelong actor, I created this website as a style blog in 2015 as additional creative outlet, but it quickly turned into a way for me to help sustainable fashion brands get more exposure. Something about that always felt a bit off, so at the beginning of 2019 I spent a couple months of reevaluating things. I’ve since decided to use this blog to fulfill the same mission I have for my acting: to promote more diversity in the characters available to women of color.

So, now I’m a #characterblogger ; ) Basically, I put together outfits (still sustainable!) for characters and tell stories in order to inspire writers, producers, and casting directors to create these roles, whether they give them to me or not! My focus is on creating content that is as fun to consume as it is for me to make.

Sometimes the characters are my twist from a popular show or movie, other times I make them up. I don’t post regularly enough to be an influencer, really, but you can still let me influence you : )