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Jeneice Thompson
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ABout Me

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My training to be a hero began when I first realized that I was a white man. I must’ve been around 5 or 6 at that time. Saving the day, getting the girl, and shooting off really cool one-liners were all totally me. No one could tell me otherwise. Obviously, I’m not a white man, but like many of them, I see the world as full of possibility and mine to play in.

Since those early years of being called whitewashed by kids on the playground, it has been my dream to see women of color in (leading) roles originally written with caucasians in mind. Because being a hero shouldn’t be about race or gender.

Although things are finally starting to change, it still feels like we are decades away from what I am talking about. It’s not, “Omg, Disney cast a black girl to play Ariel!” It’s just, “ Omg, I love Halle Bailey as Ariel.”

So, in order to speed up the timeline for above-the-line filmmakers in regards to the role skin color plays in most films (very little), I’ve decided to spend my time between projects being what I call a Character Blogger. You can think about it like fashion blogging but with characters instead of outfits; while not quite being cosplay either.

Unlike actors who turn to producing and directing themselves, character blogging allows me to keep all of my focus and attention on honing my craft as an actress, while still fulfilling my mission.

Thanks for reading all this!