5 Ways To Recharge

5 Ways To Recharge

October is finally here and I couldn't be happier. As the start of what I consider the holiday season, this is usually the time that I start trying to do everything for everyone else. This year, in light of the political climate and my recent health stuff, I'm putting myself first. Here are my 5 ways I plan recharge and avoid the holiday strain and drain. 


1. Get Some Rest!
This one is really hard for me. Remembering to take some time to myself often feels like a waste of time, and it's difficult for me to tell the difference between resting and escaping. But, I've discovered that taking my time with pampering myself is incredibly rejuvenating, and for some reason, I can fall asleep for nap time like it's my job, even when I can't sleep at night.


2. Listen to Music
I recently found my old iPod Nano which has hundreds of my old favorite songs on it. Listening to them now, a lot of them are quite depressing. But, even the sad songs manage to put me in a positive state and get me feeling like myself again. Music grounds me in a way nothing else does, and since I don't spend much time commuting these days, I have to remember to play it when I'm at home.

3. Get Some Vitamin D
Even though I live in California where people say it's always sunny, the days still get shorter and we do in fact get plenty of cloudy days in the fall and winter months. I know, a far cry from subzero temperatures and feet of snow, but seasonal depression is essentially a lack of Vitamin D, and I want no part of it. The "sunshine vitamin" helps the body fight off disease, reduce stress, and boost weight loss. When I’m getting my 10-15 mins of daily sunlight, I like to put my phone on airplane mode, close my eyes and recharge away. 


4. Unplug Regularly (Go microMIA) 
I find our "always on" world to be incredibly taxing. So, for a day I won't check my phone and computer at all, sometimes even a full weekend. You may be thinking, “but what if an emergency happens?” Well, my phone stays on, I just turn on Do Not Disturb. Real emergencies warrant calling twice, and luckily those calls get through. By disconnecting for small bits of time each week, I avoid the months of going MIA that other people in my life often need.


5. Workout
When do people usually workout? At the start of the year as "resolutions" and the start of summer to get that beach bod, right? There isn't a big push to workout during the Holidays, and maybe that's why so many people get sick. I do a minimum of 20 mins of working out a day. Some days I do exactly 20 mins, and other days 20 mins becomes a longer workout. The trick for me is not to overdo it and make sure I get plenty of number 1 ; )


So, those are my 5 ways of recharging and staying grounded during the holiday season. They're pretty basic, but they work for me! What do you do to take care of yourself?


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