Artistic Expression

I find adventure to be a necessity for my soul. However, having been born and raised in The City of Angels it can be difficult to uncover new territory here. So, I tend to count on museums and outdoor events to get my fix. 


A few Sundays ago, I was really feeling deprived when my morning plans turned into a full on day of adventure. After lunch, my friends and I ended up at Barnsdall Art Park. While there, we checked out the infamous Hollyhock House, which deserves an entire post on its own. Then we wandered over to the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. It was here that I stumbled upon the inspiration for this post.

Inside the gallery was a room unlike anything I'd seen before. When I first laid eyes on a work of art, made of flagging tape, my eyes widened and my jaw literally dropped. Then, to my astonishment, the gallery attendant gestured for me to enter the room.


After entering the piece, I looked up to at the extruded aluminum in the top corner, and pretend I was trapped in bliss. Then, while observing the weaving of the tape, a look came down to me from the ether.


My solid neon pink pants turn heads every time I wear them, so it's fitting that they were the first thing that came into focus. Iโ€™ve had them for a little over three years now and whenever I think about them, I always feel joy knowing they only cost me $5. Gotta love thrifting.


It's hard for me to believe, but the look incorporates every color I observed in my happy happiness prison.


The white harness belt and the modern loafers anchor the bright colors and balance them out, just as the the aluminum frame does for the piece. 


Special thanks to the artist, Megan Geckler for her magnificent creation!