Being The Statement

Red is the new red, the old red, and the future red; no other color stops quite like it.


With all eyes on you, pairing your show-stopper dress with a long statement piece might be too much for some people. However, a goddess understands that elongating her shape helps her walk above her dominion. 


Adding to the all out divinity of the look, I chose to incorporate gold-colored accessories. Gold is the skin of the gods as Mack has said.


You might also notice a touch of bronze in the clutch. Don't be duped into thinking that it's low quality paint, well it was, but I chose it because it matches beautifully with the peekaboo heels.


Although Daisy Dukes walks with boots, the shoe of choice for a goddess is a comfortable heel. Rocking bronze heels is a subtle reminder that the people down below don't deserve to be stepped on by gold. Just kidding, a goddess is nice to everyone ; )