Black Widow

I grew up loving Marvel comics and I'm usually a fan of the films too. I'm not sure that I'd ever want a stand-alone movie for Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, but if they ever make one, I hope she wears an outfit like this at some point.

Black Widow_2.jpg

Black Widow wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider. Instead, she earned her name and received a costume designed to reflect the poisonous eight-legged crawler to symbolize how lethal she was. Especially, to men. 

Black Widow_3.jpg

I'm not fond of actual spiders. But, I am fascinated by their webs. So, I wanted to wear something to symbolize them. These locally made-to-order white gold earrings, which do just that, seemed like the right choice. When writing this post, I found out the earrings are named Blade Ear Crawler... so they really were.

Black Widow_4.jpg

Widow spiders are named as such because the female spiders often eat their male partners before, during, or after they mate. It's a cruel seduction that feels a lot like this structured plunging V.

Black Widow_5.jpg

The fringe of this vintage belt is another web-like element that brings an overall edge to the look. It maybe adds a little more Spider Girl than Black Widow to the look, but can we just talk about how dope Natasha must be to be a deadlier spider without superhuman powers?

Black Widow_6.jpg

These thrifted babies were the cherry on top, or in this case bottom. Although they make chasing after bad guys harder, they're good for commanding the attention of the target at a cocktail party.

Black Widow_7.jpg

Agent Romanoff stands alone at the bar. The villain, captivated by a darkness they both share approaches:

Villian: Hello, I'm Charles.

Ms. Romanoff: Hello Charles, I'm leaving.

She leaves. He waits a few minutes, then follows her. The night is hers.

Black Widow_1.jpg

Earrings: Filth Jewelry
Top: Reformation
Belt: Vintage
Skirt: Wasteland
Clutch: Crossroads
Shoes: Crossroads
Eyeshadow: Hynt Beauty