Bubbles & Bass

I have never been one to make New Year resolutions because... I don't believe they work. Instead, I like to make monthly goals that allow me to slowly-but-surely obtain my milestones. Slow and steady, one day at a time, are what I find to be effective. Nonetheless, I do think that a New Year is special and in honor of it, I dressed up to celebrate with this sparkly number. 

Bubbles and Bass_1.jpg

Adding literal glitter to the glam of this dress, I used biodegradable glitter from Universal Soul as my eyeshadow. I'm not usually a big wearer of glitter, so wanted to wear something that could be worn year-round, on numerous occasions, and the glitter, Bubbles N' Bass, is just that ;)

Bubbles and Bass_3.jpg

Since this dress is more sequins than cloth, and Southern California does actually get cold in January, I made sure I styled the dress with a coat that I could wear the whole night.

Bubbles and Bass_4.jpg

My go-to tweak is with button-up coat is to use the buttons to create lapels. Opening it up like this lets everyone see what's underneath, while still keeping me warm. I call that a win win! 

Bubbles and Bass_5.jpg
Bubbles and Bass_6.jpg

I've had these heels for a very long time and I rarely ever wear them, but I liked how the metallic finish paired with the gold and silver. They were also the perfect way to balance out the more conservative choices with the jacket and the wearing of boxer briefs as bottoms. 

Bubbles and Bass_7.jpg

2017 was hard; for me (relatively), for the eco movement, and for many other parts of the world. But since we're still here, I'm excited to see what the future has in store. Of course I'll be drinking my own cool-aid and playing my own soundtrack as usual. Bubbles and Bass. Wub wub. wub... wub. Happy New Year :)

Bubbles and Bass_2.jpg

Dress: Vintage 
Eye-Shadow: Universal Soul
Coat: Buffalo Exchange
Clutch: Crossroads Trading
Shoes: Owned for 7 Years