But- What If

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason; that there are no good or bad experiences, only lessons to change outcomes? Would you consider yourself to be a slave to said outcomes?

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Some people believe that there are defining moments in our lives, and it's in those moments that one should choose to shape their life's purpose.

As for me... I'm here to redefine the phrase "everything happens for a reason" because I only see it as validation for one's failure to choose correctly or a lack of resolve. A more accurate expression would be, "nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without sacrifice." If you want something, you need to pursue it at any cost. Be the reason everything happens.

If you're someone who can't seem to muster up the common sense to see it this way, maybe you should open your eyes. Otherwise, you risk someone like me exploiting your weakness to my advantage... after all, the choice is yours.

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Recently, I acquired a portfolio from a young woman desperate to help cure a nasty disease. I was happily willing to give her more than enough money to keep her foundation alive and see her dreams come to fruition.

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Her test was simple, she could have it all if and only if she would allow me to have her husband for a night. With the only caveat being that her sweet little husband was not allowed to discuss our night together, otherwise, our contract would be void.

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That part seemed simple enough, but like the spark that becomes a wildfire, I’m beginning to see the smoke.

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I recently watched the Netflix series, What If, and fell in love with the main character, Anne Montgomery! She’s someone I’d love to play because she has such a multi-faceted personality. I particularly like how she carries herself as all-powerful, the borderline recklessness of her strategic manipulation, and that even with all that she’s still so delicate. She reminds me to continue to stay humble and to remember to get out of my way.

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