As a style blogger whose primary intention is to show off how sexy dressing sustainably can be, finding inspiration from a pop song and toxic explosions in the sky is a bit of a faux pas. Perhaps more egregious, is celebrating the independence of a nation whose current head of state makes misogynistic jokes and cares more about building a wall than keeping families together. 


However, I am surprised (and grateful) that Los Angeles is still here, and that I can still embrace the country that raised me, while protesting the atrocities committed on my behalf. So I put together a look that I feel reflects these complicated feelings.


I've skipped the 4th of July celebrations since the last time I posted a look about it. But this year, I may just cut loose. A hat is a practical addition to any outfit for a day spent in the sun, but I'm using it here to remind me to keep the earth top of mind.


The intensity of this golden bodysuit takes a little poke at the ole' red, white, and blue. But it's also an homage to my favorite type of firework (see title). The long pinstriped skirt represents the sky, which sits separated by the red belt. The EPA isn't building any walls, sooo....


As conflicted as I may be, I do believe in walking in love. And nothing says love like roses, according to my regularly scheduled programming. Haha


Happy 4th everyone! : P


Earrings: PoshMark
Top: Reformation
Belt: American Apparel
Skirt: Reformation 
Shoes: Vintage
Purse: Vintage
Lipstick: BiteBeauty