Círculo Del Solar

Summer is almost here and though it doesn't feel like it, the sun is coming. So, I thought it best to prepare and create a couple of go-to stylish pieces that will keep me cool and ready for the heat. This yellow number is something that I visualized and experimented with because I was determined to upcycle my old yellow dress into a top unlike anything I’ve ever owned or seen.

Círculo Del Solar-1.jpg

After cutting up my eight-year-old dress, without a pattern, I tried on the pieces of the dress I thought were necessary to make the top. And even though I don't recommend this, I stuck pins in the pieces to hold them together while I was wearing them! Luckily, no Jeneice's were hurt in the production this garment ; )

Círculo Del Solar-2.jpg

I based the different looks of this top on the positions of the sun, since Summer is when we see the most of it.

Círculo Del Solar-3.jpg

I call the strapless version Sunset since the same way the sun goes down, so do the straps. 

Círculo Del Solar-7.jpg
Círculo Del Solar-6.jpg

I call the off the shoulder style Sunrise because my sleeves rise up to complete the style. 

Círculo Del Solar-8.jpg
Círculo Del Solar-5.jpg

The third style, a court collar, is Victorian inspired, which I call Sunny. I named this version of the top Sunny for two reasons. One, the collar is completely round like the sun. Two, during mid-day when the sun is most exposed, the collar protects my shoulders from the sun. 

Círculo Del Solar-9.jpg
Círculo Del Solar-4.jpg

Usually, I upcycle my garments without sharing them on my blog, but this project brought me so much excitement and fear of failure, that I had to show you.