Cork It

Have you ever gone thrifting and come across something you loved, but it wasn't your size? Duh, right!? If you’ve ever shopped secondhand, you know that this is just a part of the thrifting process. Thankfully, every now and then things work out. That was the case when I found these cork shoes.

Cork It-1.jpg

Approximately eight months ago, I was at Crossroads looking for vintage Levis when I came across a pair cork platforms. They appeared to be too small and when I checked the size, they were. I didn't end up finding the jeans that day, so I left empty handed. This happened a few more times over the months.


By June, my intention changed to finding comfortable walking shoes. After a couple disappointments, I was ready to settle for anything. I canvased the store from front to back. Suddenly, I stopped like a deer in headlights. There it was, one cork platform shoe identical to the one I wanted, except this one looked bigger. When I checked the size, I gasped. Seriously, I gasped, because: cork.

I tried it on and was beyond grateful that it fit me perfectly. As happy as I was with my newfound discovery, after 20 more minutes of looking, I still couldn't find the other one. Fortunately, I was armed with the encouragement of having three sales associates helping me on my scavenger hunt. I completed the pair, after excavating the missing one from behind a boot in the men’s shoe section. 

Cork It-3.jpg

It was phenomenal finding these shoes because cork is highly sustainable; the elasticity and density of cork are similar to a nicely worn-in leather; I just needed good walking shoes and ended up with a stylish shoe that: absorbs shock, is very lightweight, and resists water/moisture. 

Cork It-4.jpg
Cork It-5.jpg

Two weeks later I met up with a friend at Wasteland, and let her know that I was still looking for authentic 90’s Levis. She then walked over with me to a rack of jeans and took out a pair and said: “I think these are in the wrong spot and judging from the waist, should fit you.” When I tried the jeans on, I couldn't wait to show her that she was spot on and had an amazing eye. Which I did, immediately.

Cork It-6.jpg
Cork It-7.jpg

I ended up paying $30 for these jeans. I am looking forward to wearing them on days that are too hot to wear tighter ones. As for my new walking shoes, I paid $32, saving $150 off the original price. Gotta love thrifting!

Cork It-7.jpg

Top: Crossroads
Jeans: Wasteland
Bar Ring: Wasteland
Other Jewelry: Hand Me Down
Shoes: Crossroads
Purse: Matt & Nat