Corporate Princess

I've always wanted a suit that was not the norm, but still sophisticated enough to wear in a professional setting. I started off with buying this baby pink blazer. After that, I had to be patient enough to find a matching bottom. It took two months until I found this lovely a-line baby pink skirt. They look like they came together, don't they?


Since a baby pink outfit doesn't really say, "Hi, I am a professional," a black bowtie paired with a sheer white collar shirt sets the record straight and says, "I have style and I'm ready to work."


Naturally, I added a sleek gold belt because they always enhance an outfit's level of sophistication.


To maintain a more professional tone, I chose heels that are under 4 inches and made sure that they were all black to maintain the cohesiveness of other three black ascents. I'll let you find those.