Electric Recipe

There is something about leaving the house wearing a bold outfit thats says, “I wear what I want because I think for myself”. When styling an outfit just right, conference just shines, kinda like any attractive character in a movie that is put in slow motion in order to tell the audience “this character is beautiful and you know it.” That amazing feeling of self love pumps thought the veins and makes the outfit a “knock out.” 


This outfit came to me when I was flipping though fashion magazines, architecture books and scrolling though a few artistic images I found online. I was then inspired by colors I saw in a furniture magazine. The room was bold and beautiful. 


After falling in love with the beautifully dramatic bedroom I was ready to “go bold rather than go home.” For my ingredients I used; different textures, vibrant colors, edgy accents and a bold lip color as my “cherry on top” in order to bake up the perfect “electric outfit” As for my hair I figured an upscale mohawk would be perfect because it draws attention to my lipstick, setting the deep purple as the focal point in my face.    


Something you might not know it, this beautiful long silk bow tie came from my silk robe. I knew it would be a perfect soft texture to add and it's rich regal color was a bonus that gave the outfit some “umff.” Then I added my favorite leather jacket that has patches of sued because different textures are apart of the recipe. 


I made the choice to wear a tutu with my outfit because it screams bold. I mean, I can't remembered the last time I saw someone rocking a tutu that was not on a break from dance class and was not celebrating Halloween. 


As for my shoes and clutch, they helped make the outfit pop and gave it that "Bold Electric" feeling. When I saw that they matched perfectly I was pleased because I bought them years ago and not together. So yeah, I guess you can call that fashion luck.