Fa La La

Since the beginning of August, I’ve been seeing “rest in peace Summer” posts on Instagram. Even though they're a bit premature, whenever I read them I smile because it’s a nice reminder that my favorite season is coming. After seeing enough of them, I couldn't hold back my excitement anymore, so I put together an outfit that was a blend of both seasons.

Fall Law La-1.jpg

The easiest way to bring summer to a fall inspired look is to wear white, since there's a silly "rule" about not wearing after Labor Day weekend. I usually disregard this rule, because I live in sunny Souther California, but it seemed like a fun concept to play with this time.

Fall Law La-3.jpg

This necklace has been difficult to upkeep because it’s not real gold. Even when the gold began to turn green, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away because it’s one of my favorite statement necklaces. Instead, I tried to paint over it. Bad idea. The gold paint didn't shine. Determined to find a solution, I took ribbon and looped it through to cover the matte gold paint and to prevent the metal from further oxidizing. 

Fall Law La 5.jpg
Fall Law La-6.jpg

I've hand washed and air dried this top for 7 years and I believe it will hold up for decades if I continue to do so. I love the exaggerated shoulders, peplum silhouette, and all the lace. So, I want to keep it forever. 

Fall Law La-7.jpg

This vintage Milch handbag was popular in the late 50's to the 70's. Although their demise was probably hard for a lot of people, it worked in my favor as it cost my grandma $3 when she bought it for me at a yard sale. Ahh! Good old yard sales. 

Fall Law La-2.jpg

Top: Vintage  
Skirt: American Apparel
Necklace: Pre-owned
Purse: Yard Sale
Shoes: Vintage