Flare Fest

Flare Fest

I love Summer nights and the events that come along with them. Having a reason to wear a cool outfit at 8 pm is great. Actives in LA like The RoofTop Cinema, Summer Nights in Exposition Park, The Hollywood Bowl, or Hollywood Cemetery each have their own variations to play with.

Flare Fest-1.jpg

While attending an event or just hanging out on a rooftop with friends, I take advantage of wearing some of my brightest colors, because they are less overwhelming at night and they bring out happy vibes. 

Flare Fest-3.jpg

For this look, I neutralized my bright colors with black to give the look a less casual vibe. Even though it's easier to achieve this by wearing dark colored pants, shorts or a skirt. 

Flare Fest-5.jpg

When wearing colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel, it’s always a good idea to add something to the look that ties the colors together. In this case, my earrings, that where a hand-me-down from my mom 8 years ago, were the cornerstone for the two colors I chose for this look. 

Flare Fest-4.jpg

Two years ago I cut my mint colored pants into shorts and donated the remains to i:co to be recycled. Whenever I cut my shorts, I like to add a half inch slit on both sides so that if I choose to roll them up, they hold better, and don't look too tight on my thighs.

Flare Fest-6.jpg

My purse was given to me by a dear friend, who’s friend was going to throw it away 4 years ago. Confused? It was a double hand me down, and I chose this bag for this look to honor all of the Summer festivals. This bag was perfect too because its color and style have a festival flare. (I have linked a different coral bag that would be functional of a festival below.)

Flare Fest-2.jpg

Top: American Apparel
Sorts: UpCycled
Purse: Hand Me Down
Earrings: Hand Me Down
Shoes Nicora