Flare For Care

When I think of Earth Day, I'm transported to a time when Greenpeace unified the Green and Peace movements. It's a trip, man. Enlightening to the max. You know, except that it's been more than 30 years, and I think by getting really excited for a single day, we're sending the wrong message... Every day should be Earth Day.

Flare For Care_1.jpg

But, in the spirit of education (so popular with Earth Day events), I'll share a little story with you. 

Recently, I discovered the brand that makes this top. They claimed to be eco friendly, but they weren't very specific about how. After I asked them about it directly, they changed their website copy to reflect a stronger sense of commitment, so I bought this blouse, excited to share.

Upon rereading it though, I realized that they're still being pretty vague about their sourcing and the materials of the garments. That's a big red flag. It typically means someone is greenwashing, and I knew that before I clicked "buy." Can you dig it?

I love the shape of this top (more on why below), but I let my love for the design blind me to the fact that this brand isn't very transparent. In the product section for the garment it just says "black based floral print." Not cool, dude. It might be eco, but I need to know how, for real.

Flare For Care_3.jpg

The tie at the front paired with the flared hem called to me with its groovaliciousness.

Flare For Care_5.jpg

But it was the paring with the bell sleeves that sent me across the universe. It's no secret that I love flowers and the idea of designing a floral print top with a floral cut just set me over.

Flare For Care_6.jpg

I knew instantly that I'd pair it with my bell bottom jeans from the Retro Belle look. But, I wanted to add some texture, and ended up picking this purse. Cuz' it really fit my far out vibe, man. It was my mom’s originally, but I was able to swoop up this fringe baby when she was sending other things out to pasture.

Flare For Care_7.jpg

Also, the Airstream camper behind me was found randomly in Venice. It was too perfect not to shoot in front of, but doing so made my photographer and I both dizzy! I don't get down like that, brother. Also, fun fact, these things cost +$59k. I guess it isn't called Glamping for nothing ; )

Flare For Care_2.jpg

Earrings: PoshMark
Shirt: SisterHood
Pants: Crossroads Trading
Purse: Hand Me Down
Shoes: Crossroads Trading