Flower Hour

Flower Hour

If you’re loving Fall right now, you're not the only one. The weather in LA this weekend was perfection. One day I was able to wear a thin sweater, crop top, and jeans. While the next I got to wear this outfit. 

Flower Hour_2.jpg

As I adjust to daylight savings and my style transitions into Fall I find myself wanting to wear floral prints. Flowers boost my mood and this high neck, ruffle-edged bodice top is double layered with 100% viscose fabric. Keeping me warm, while warming my soul because I know it's biodegradable.

Flower Hour_4.jpg

Aside from those details, I pared my clutch and skirt together because of their color pallet. My tan and gold envelope clutch was perfect for matching my shoes and top. While my soft purple skirt was a nice addition to allowing the pink in the top to pop

Flower Hour_3.jpg

If you look closely my socks, skirt and clutch all have cutout details. This was no accident ;)

Flower Hour_5 (1).jpg
Flower Hour_5.jpg

Last year I missed my chance to wear knee socks while out and about. Thankfully, when styling this look, I noticed it was missing something. Which is why I wore my over the knee organic cotton yarn socks from Pact as a final touch. Plus the weather called for some leg coverage.

Flower Hour_1.jpg

Top: Reformation   
Skirt: Wasteland
Earrings: Poshmark
Bag: Crossroads Trading
Socks: Pact
Shoes: Crossroads Trading