Flower Queen

Oh Coachella… Coachella. Known as the most profitable music festival in the United States, this epic event does more than just stimulate the economy. In the past three years it has appeared to bring an additional fashion season to Spring Fashion. April is officially considered “Coachella Season” for most people.


Even though I am, and will always, be a lifetime fan of beautiful music, I have never attended the festival. Still, I have been impacted by the residents in the Los Angeles area, wearing everything that screams “Coachella Vibes.” From the rainbow hair and hippy attire, to linen “all white everything" and of course people in their boho best. It definitely seems as if Coachella is the catalyst for April's style choices, but no for me. In honor of Earth Day this month, I can’t help but wear my appreciation.  


When I first bought this A-line dress I loved the print and that it was 100% cotton. What I absolutely disliked was the fact that the tie up feature in the front was a black string, because it resembled a shoe lace. Immediately my brain went on problem solving mode. I knew I had to pick a different color, also I knew I wanted something unique. Suddenly, a light bulb went off and I went into my jewelry box and picked up a broken pink box chain necklace. It was just what the dress needed, a pop of pink and “wa la” I was satisfied.


This was a huge selling point for me, I love mesh when added to an article of clothing that has a "sweet vibe" to it. 


As you can see my flower crown looks more like a headband, well its not. Rather than have it sit on the top of my forehead, I chose to use bobby pens to pen it on the top of my head. I have naturally thick eyebrows and this particular headpiece clashes with them.


I get so many complements on this handbag and I am sure it’s because of its a rich leather, simple yet chic designed, and because its vintage.