For Evergreen

Okay, so I know I just posted a look inspired by making a holiday shopping list, but I just can't get into it this year! The most sustainable gift to give someone is also the most valuable, and often the most overlooked: time.

For Evergreen_2.jpg

Rather than make this holiday about gifts, I'm choosing to make it all about being (a) present ; ) Just giving people my time still feels a little cheap. But, the people I care about just don't need or want anything they can't get for themselves, and they definitely don't see me as much as they'd like to. 

For Evergreen_4.jpg

Dressing specifically for the occasion helps make the time shared feel more special. This Ref dress makes me feel like I have all the gifts anyone could want inside me. And as one of their ribbed Tencel basics, it's versatile enough to fit any type of way I might be feeling that day. For this post, I dressed it up a bit, but I could easily wear it with a thick vest, sweater, or even leg warmers.

For Evergreen_5.jpg

By wearing the neckline off the shoulder, I was highlighting my collar bones, so I felt like it was necessary to wear my necklace as a chocker. Worn higher on the neck, the festive charms dangle on the same plane as my collar bones, and give the overall look a dressier vibe.

For Evergreen_6.jpg

To complement the necklace, I wore these faux-diamond earrings, (faux because fast fashion exists and nobody cares about jewelry as a status symbol anymore). The blue string between the "stones" helped keep this look from being too festive.

For Evergreen_7.jpg

To justify the title of this post, even the box of chocolates I'm holding is sustainable, as it was previously used, and it's made of recycled cardboard. The ribbon is also reused from a gift I received last year.  

For Evergreen_3.jpg

Dress: Reformation  
Necklace: 7 Years Old
Earrings: The Realreal
Purse: Garage Sale
Shoes: Crossroads Trading