The second shoot I ever did for this blog was a look called "Casual Cleopatra." However, due to various variables (hehe) that look was never posted. I was fond of it, but didn't have it in me to do a re-shoot. It felt too much like walking backwards.


The blog was new and I wanted to keep momentum going, so instead, I held onto Cleopatra as my closet muse. Not a bad skeleton to have in there. Just sayin'. Over time I decided to add some geometric shapes to the look.


Why you ask? Well, besides making the creating of the outfit more fun, I like the idea of using a historical muse and giving 'em a modern edge. This is why wearing these gold earrings was a must. It's well known that the Egyptians loved jewelry, but Art Deco, which was once the epitome of modernism centuries later? 


This lovely jacket was something a friend bought for a shoot, but never ended up using. I've had for a while and wanted it for a little character dress up. I wasn't sure exactly what to put it with, but when the stars align, I try to listen ;)


When I was shopping with a friend, she mentioned a vintage shop that I had to check out. When I looked around, this regal gold-colored piece caught my eye and was giving off major Cleopatra vibes. I think she really wanted me to have it.


Does this skirt look familiar? If you remember one of my previous posts, Rarely Square, then you remember I wore it inside out, and said that I would share what it’s suppose to look like in a future post… well promise kept!


I also mentioned in Modern Zebra that I often take years to put together a look. It's weird for me that this one took three. Not because waiting three years is unusual for me, just that it's almost been three years since I shot it the first time!


Earrings: Enon
Necklace: Painted Bird 
Top: Clothing Swap
Jacket: Crossroads 
Skirt: Clothing Swap
Clutch: Crossroads 
Shoes: Crossroads 
Nail Polish: Mineral Fusion