Although I believe more in sporadic gift giving than scheduled holidays, I saw this as a good opportunity to get into the holiday spirit by channeling my favorite philanthropist and style icon, Audrey Hepburn. Audrey gave me the style of wearing a crop top with high waisted bottoms, a gift that I've been obsessed with since my mom first introduced me to Audrey's movies.


I am exited to show off my beyond comfortable Fitted Crop Tank by Groceries Apparel. I love it because it’s the softest top I own and because it's made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is important because it has a higher yield than GMO cotton and uses less harmful pesticides, which makes it safer for the farmers and more sustainable for the environment. Also, I can confidently wear the garment knowing that, my skin, my largest organ and my main defense against the elements will not be making contact with as many harmful toxins.


Rain or shine, everyone needs their Groceries. Simple basics are no exception. They are the foundation of every good wardrobe.


Wearing such a soft top reminds me of be snuggled up in a warm blanket on a cold night. So, naturally, I paired my softest top with my softest jeans. These J Brand Jeans were thrifted for $18.50. They were originally $228. As if that wasn't a big enough win, J Brand Jeans are also made locally in California, like the Groceries top.


Locally made clothing benefits the world in various ways. A couple of my favorites are: 1. The reduced need for transportation, resulting in less vehicular pollution and 2. The improvement and resilience of the local economy. Los Angeles has a record breaking homelessness rate, so purchases that put money in my neighbors pocket help keep more people off the street.


My double breasted pea coat was also thrifted. After doing my research, its original price could have ranged from $250 to $450, but I only paid $34. I love how it tapers at the waist without using a belt, and the three quarter sleeves are perfect for a California winter. 


Another reason I love the coat is because: pockets. When I wear this coat I don't have to bring a clutch. I can bring all my necessities and be on my marry way. Merry Christmas, by the way ; )


Top: Groceries Apparel 
Jeans: J Brand (Thrifted)
Coat: BCBG Max Azria (Thrifted)
Earnings: Purpose Jewelry
Coffee Cup: I Am Not A Paper Cup 
Gift Bag: Reused
Tissue Paper: Reused