Hearty Harvest

Hearty Harvest

This past week was amazing! Getting a few days off from work allowed me to slowdown enough to really shift into an attitude of gratitude. I’m extremely thankful for having the chance to spend time with my family and friends. We shared many laughs and created some lovely memories all while appreciating our abundance. 

Full-body image of the Hearty Harvest outfit. The look includes a lush black ribbed off-the-shoulder sweater, a black fringe belt, a long bronze skirt, with blood red booties, and is accompanied by black and gold accessories and jewelry.

Nothing really says "abundance" like the pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses I got to take home a few years ago when someone left them behind at a previous job and never came back for them. As a "luxury lifestyle brand", LV usually feels a little extra to me. But my gratitude knows no limit.

Detail image of the lost and found black and gold sunglasses from Louis Vuitton and gold hoop earrings from Poshmark

My gratitude also manifested into self-love, so I treated myself to this new Anna Reformation top. It's the perfect top for this confused season because the sweater-like material keeps me warm and the crop cut lets me breathe enough to wear it in 75-85 degree weather. 

Detail image of the Anna Crop Sweater in black from Reformation

I usually don't putt together an outfit with more than two statement pieces, but I added this fringe belt because I felt like it didn't quite match my level of gratitude yet.

Detail image of the vintage black faux leather fringe belt.

The long silk skirt, makes me feel like a queen. I love feel of it and its versatility. I'd never actually walk down a flight of stairs like this (I'd hold it, to save it from dirt/damage, and myself from falling), but it looked too good not to shoot it like this.

Detail image of the bottom of the fringe from the belt, the hem of the skirt, and blood red booties from Crossroads Trading Co.

These blood red booties are my favorite! I haven't been able to wear them since shortly after the Down To Earth Tones post because the heels needed to be repaired. But I finally took them to a local shoe repair place, so I'll be wearing them out again. This time though, I’ll take better care of them because I want to have them forever.  

Full-body image of the Hearty Harvest Outfit

Top: Reformation   
Skirt: Crossroads Trading
Earrings: Poshmark
Belt: Vintage
Glasses: Louis Vuitton
Clutch: Crossroads Trading
Shoes: Crossroads Trading