Highlight Real

So, I took an accidental break from blogging again. The truth is, after experiencing the magic behind my last three posts, I’ve found myself chasing that vibe, instead of just letting it happen like it did then. I’ve also been going through a pretty big transition at home as I help prep for a new project.

Highlight Real_1.jpg

Step one of my new lifestyle required a lot of downsizing. As I emptied my closet as if it was my own personal episode of Hoarders, I came across a few old garments like this top from one of my favorite posts, “Artistic Expression.” I actually haven’t worn it since then, so I felt like it needed more love.

Highlight Real_3.jpg

Since it’s such a playful pastel, I decided to ride that wave. It’s been too long since I wore something that made me question my identity. So, when I came across this beautiful faux septum at the launch party for FILTH a couple months ago, I had to buy it.

Highlight Real_4.jpg
Highlight Real_5.jpg

Perhaps as another nod to my previous post, I found myself looking for something pink to pair with the chartreuse crop. Originally, I envisioned wearing my pink camisole, but I had already donated it. Oops! Thankfully, I still had this bikini top.

Highlight Real_6.jpg

If you notice, my outfit is a bit of a gradient from top to bottom. This was my subtle way of showing a transition from Summer to Fall because I am SO ready for Fall fashion.

Highlight Real_7.jpg

Spending time focusing on my life outside of sustainable fashion blogging and then getting back into the swing of things online with a remix of an old post has me pretty centered on what’s really important in life. But also how far I’ve come, kinda like a… ; )

Highlight Real_2.jpg

Septum Ring: FILTH Jewelry 
Necklace: The RealReal 
Bikini Top: Five Years Owned
Top: Buffalo Exchange  
Clutch: Mercy Grey Design Co. 
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Susi Studio