Independence Way

Happy 4th of July to you! I hope you got the opportunity to sit back, put your feet up and relax, as well as, have fun with family and/or friends. 


Today, I got to be festive and wear my Independence Day themed outfit I put together. Since it was the 4th of July, wearing red, white and blue was a given. However, this can be a tricky look to pull off because when wearing the colors of the flag it’s easy to overdo it. My objective was to create an outfit that was patriotic and chic.


Since I love being bold, I had to wear my thick white choker, which is actually a ribbon I reused from a Christmas gift last year. It was that perfect something to tie in all of the white in my outfit. 


The clutch. Oh, this clutch! I bought this bag at the Brewery Art Walk earlier this year. I’m in love with this geometric, pendleton wool clutch! Handmade in Portland, Oregon, by Mercy Grey Design Co., this item is great for adding a kick to a basic outfit.


Lastly, I combined this blue crop top that a friend gave to me three years ago and my red power skirt, bought from my local vintage shop. By avoiding the busyness of the symbolic stars and stripes, I was able to pay homage to our country without becoming a flag.


Cheers America!