J. Jones

“If you could have one superpower, which one would you pick?” The truth is no matter which one you picked your life would go to shit. You ever rendered your lover unconscious as the height of climax lifted your hips toward the sky throwing their head into the ceiling? Have you’ve killed a whole family just because you ran into traffic to chase after a thief and they hit you with their car? Oh yeah, and that x-ray vision? Fun fact, it causes cancer. Being a super sucks even without all the dipshits using their powers to hurt whoever gets in their way.

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For example, for the last three months, I've been spying on a serial-killer scumbag named Wanda Maximoff. I was meticulous with the groundwork because no matter how many times she gets caught, she always walks out as if nothing ever happened. This time, she made it all the way to a trial before walking away.

She was found to be not guilty in eight counts of murder since there was “no evidence” in the case. Which is bullshit because I'm the one that captured the video footage of her committing the murders. I don’t know what she’s doing, but I’m tired of getting mind-fucked, so I’m taking my time with that one.

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Or take for example that asshole Bobby Tisdell. Yes, I can flip a car over and save the family that’s stuck inside, but what that’s useless against someone who can turn into someone else. Took me a whole year to catch that pervert, relying almost entirely on my wit as a regular P.I. Super.

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Oh yeah, and that mind control I mentioned earlier? Killgrave had me sent to jail after I was convicted of first-degree murder because he used my body to do his bidding. You ever watch yourself, be someone else, while your mind is helplessly strapped to chair while in straight-jacket? No amount of alcohol helps that go away, not that I don’t still try… everyday.

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And that’s what normal is to me now. I got into P.I. work because I thought I’d be able to do a little here and there to help people live better lives. I just wanted to be a detective without getting caught up in all that superhero bullshit. I swear… the only thing that’s ruined my life more than having power was using it.

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The final season of Jessica Jones was such a bitter pill for me to swallow. The Jessica Jones I grew up with was pessimistic, but she was just as tough as one of the boys, if not tougher. That grit got me through a lot. However, the show (like this post) was lacking Stan Lee’s ultimate message throughout the years, that there’s a hero in all of us. As a result, I really struggled with this post. On one hand, I wanted to portray one of my all-time favorite characters and really have fun with it, on the other, I wanted to pay homage to the creators of the show. I chose the latter, but I feel bad about it. Oh, shoot. This is method acting, I’m in too deep, pull me out!

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Top: Reformation 
Jacket: Depop
Gloves: Borrowed
Jeans: Reformation
Boots: Nicora Shoes