Although I love the Holiday season, it's become a bit too synonymous with rampant consumerism for me to fully enjoy. Last year, as I was avoiding it, I accidentally worked through the whole thing. So, I'm extra excited about this one. Baaaasically, it's a mixed bag of toys and coal over here, okay?


Before I talk about this look, I have to mention how unintentionally great the lighting was. A nearby building was reflecting the sun directly onto me. I'm pretending that it was Christmas Spirit. Anyway, this look was inspired by creating a Conscious Christmas shopping list.


I didn't really come up with anything to buy anyone, but if I did, this is what I would wear... maybe. Having a coffee while making a list just seemed like the appropriate thing to have, but I also really needed it, which is unusual. haha Yay coffee!

Normally, I would've asked for a mug since takeaway coffee cups/lids aren't generally sustainable. In situations where a mug isn't offered, like this one, I make sure to get at least one more use out of them before discarding them.


The blouse was the glue that gave this outfit a Holiday vibe (since it clearly wasn't the color palette or silhouette). My favorite things about it are its high neck and ruffle-edged shoulder. It also reminds me of a winter wonderland minus the cold shoulder ; )



I recently bought these jeans from Reformation. I love the dart that runs from the butt to the hem almost as much as knowing that they're made from deadstock fabric.


Although I didn't make a real list for this post, if you would like one of possible places to shop sustainably this holiday season, I do know quite a few, and I am 100% holding them hostage as ransom for comments. #jenerous


Top: Reformation   
Jeans: Reformation
Beret: Buffalo Exchange
Purse: The RealReal
Ring: Vintage
Shoes: Crossroads Trading