Jurassic Jen

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer” is the saying and considering last fall was more like Summer, this set of pictures may be the only thing around to keep me cool this year. Since LA doesn't have a Central Park, I headed to the Atrium at the La Brea Tar Pits. The tree-filled courtyard is a hidden gem that allowed me to appreciate a bit of the land before time.

Jurassic Jen_2.jpg

The Atrium is a beautifully confined outdoor oasis, but to give you a chance to enjoy it for yourself, I took advantage of the open rooftop above the garden to share this look.

Jurassic Jen_8.jpg

Doing my best to blend in (without ever (EVER!) wearing camo), reflect mother nature, and appreciate the trees, I wore this mock neck cropped sweater top. The slightly puffed shoulders and cuffs make me feel regal (almost as regal as a tree), and the best part about it is that it's made out of Tencel® (aka sustainably harvested wood chips).

Jurassic Jen_3.jpg
Jurassic Jen_5.jpg

I'm excited to finally share this artistic floral print skirt because I've owned it for twelve years and it's the most fall-like bottom I own (except for my own).

Jurassic Jen_6.jpg

Surprisingly, these are my only tights! As I’ve been looking for new ones, I found out that Swedish Stockings just opened a tights recycling center in the US. And if you're looking for tights or socks, this brand has the best-recycled hosiery in the world. No hypebeasty.

Jurassic Jen_7.jpg

My friend Jess is much more of a Dinosseur than I am, but I like to get down with the T-Rex flex every now and then, because they know a thing or two about the looming extinction we’re all facing. And if that is too much doom and gloom for you, just think about how if I was Ms. Frizzle, they’d have to call me Ms. Sizzle. Owwww.

Jurassic Jen_1.jpg

Earrings: PoshMark
Top: Reformation 
Necklace: Vintage 
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange 
Tights: Swedish Stockings
Shoes: Crossroads