Killer Crown

Once upon a time, there was an undying princess that lived in a beautiful castle hiding in plain sight. Like her castle, she managed to stand proud atop her dominion while living an unassuming life amongst her peers. Everything about her seemed as if she was a character written from a storybook... and she hated it. 

All year she would long for Hollyween so she could disembark from on high to enjoy the one time of year where she could be herself and none would be the wiser. Not quite a zombie and not much a vampire, the undying princess fed on something much more nefarious: misconceptions. And Hollyween was her biggest feast. Her thanksgiving of sorts…

Killer Crown_2.jpg

Haha okay! okay! I'm not a princess, and this isn’t my house. But I did dress up as one this year and shoot in front of what is, or was, Moby’s gate house (um, what?) because it cost me zero dollars. Just reducing and reusing like a boss. No big.

Killer Crown_1.jpg

My tiara was a hand-me-down from a friend. She used it for her costume last year and I held onto it for an entire year just to use for mine this year. Someone help me, please, I’m… undying.

Killer Crown_4.jpg
Killer Crown_5.jpg

I’ve had this dress foreva-eva and it’s pretty princess-y on its own. I really didn't want to be a typical princess so I added some extras. I used a bra strap from my go-to strapless as a psuedo harness. Undying people are into bondage right?

Killer Crown_6.jpg

To tie into the tiara, I wore my silver snake belt and my silver wristlet. This made me feel like a true princess... yuck! Thankfully, I put a black chiffon scarf over the bottom half of my dress, giving the look a bit of a darker twist. Muah-ha! …yes, just one “ha.” It’s cuter that way. 

Killer Crown_7.jpg
Killer Crown_8.jpg

To add volume to the undercarriage of my dress I put a large pumpkin around my waist. Just kidding, it’s a tutu. You probably wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t it point it out, but look. Tutu’s need love too, okay?

Killer Crown_9.jpg

All of which is to say, Happy Hollyween to my local peeps and happy Hallmark holiday to the rest of you : P Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together. Muah-ha!

Killer Crown_3.jpg

Tiara: Second Hand
Dress: Second Hand 
Belt: Iguana 
Scarf: Vintage
Clutch: The RealReal
Shoes: Crossroads