Little Arizona

Shortly after posting Twin Linen, my solution to not being able to do a denim-on-denim look because I couldn't find the right jacket, I discovered this beauty! I'd like to thank my mom for having me, God, and Cross Roads Trading Co. Oh, and my guy, since he's the one who found it for me.

Little Arizona_1.jpg

Even though it's summer now, thanks to climate change, I've been able to wear it quite a bit already. After I waited about three years to find a jacket like this, I'm honestly tempted to wear it everyday. I just love that it's lightweight enough for Spring and the beginning of Summer. And, that I can layer it in the colder seasons. 

Little Arizona_3.jpg

As for this special little black dress... it is my go-to this Summer. What makes it so special you ask? Or maybe you didn't ask, but please, let me share anyway ;) It's organic cotton from the locally produced ethical brand, Groceries Apparel! Hehe Did you read that in an announcer voice?

Little Arizona_6.jpg

I chose this turquoise and silver statement necklace because the color pairs well with the washed out denim and the classic levi's rivet buttons.

Little Arizona_4.jpg

To complement the silver from this necklace, I wore silver hoop earrings and these silver rings.  I found the big one outside in the blistering heat of Arizona 10 years ago on a family vacation. When I picked it up, it smiled at me as it whispered "finders keepers, right?" before it leapt into my pocket. Two truths and a lie?

Little Arizona_5.jpg

I know I was really excited about creating a Canadian Tuxedo. Mostly because my friend Raja is Canadian, and we both believe in culture sharing, but don't worry, I bought a couple new pairs of jeans from Ref not to long ago so, maybe you'll see it when it cools down again.

Little Arizona_2.jpg

Dress: Groceries Apparel  
Jacket: Crossroads 
Necklace: Vintage   
Rings: Purpose Jewelry 
Shoes: Nicora Shoes
Bag: Matt & Nat