Merry Nightmare

Twas the night(mare) before Christmas when all through the house, creepy critters were caroling, even a mouse. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell, rock :P Even though Halloween is also Holiday of great waste as children young and old buy and discard many one-off garments (and many the dignity they spent a whole year trying to get back), for me it’s like Christmas. Because all I ever want is for people to be get to be themselves, and what better way to do that than pretending to be someone else?

Merry Halloween_2.jpg

Blending the heavily-marketed aesthetics of two holidays was more fun and easier than I expected. My main goal for this look was to put together something I could wear at a costume party or at a Christmas dinner. Because really, wear-once outfits are pretty lame. Can you tell who I am?

Merry Halloween_3.jpg

I used this ribbon from a Christmas present two years ago (I’m not a hoarder! Promise!) to sweeting things up a little, since I gave myself monster claw scratch marks on my nails and the look was feeling a little too spooky.

Merry Halloween_4.jpg
Merry Halloween_5.jpg

The stripes of this dress scream Mayor of Halloween town which is interesting because the classic style of this wrap dress is the perfect style for a Holiday party. Basically, this 100% Tencel dress from Ref did most of the hard work for me. It has just the right balance of naughty and nice.

Merry Halloween_6.jpg

This secondhand Rebecca Minkoff bag was the perfect addition to this look's jolly side (you’ll see how in another post). To add a bit of what I’m calling Mas-Gore, I tucked in a thin pleaded top into a small fold of it. Am I secretly Santa or did I eat him? Wait, is this thing on?

Merry Halloween_7.jpg

Having the feet of a thinly-molded stop motion character would’ve been been pretty difficult to figure out. But, luckily for me (this time), my mother’s retail therapy saved the day. I usually try to make the most out of what she gives me, because I don’t want things to go to waste, but I really wasn’t sure how I felt about the sock heel trend until I wore them all day at a convention. They are incredibly comfortable. Great find on Depop.

Merry Halloween_8.jpg

So, did you figure out who I was yet? Tell me in the Comments! Maybe I’ll send ya something for getting it right ; )

Merry Halloween_1.jpg

Bow: Ribbon From A Gift
Earrings: PoshMark
Lip Crayon: Bite Beauty
Nail Polish: Mineral Fusion 
Dress: Reformation 
Rings: Westland
Purse: The RealReal
Shoes: DePop