Mortal Cobalt

As I was putting together this look, something felt off. It was too safe. Too normal. I made this top from one of my guy's old dress shirts that he gave to me. (No really, he does that on his own sometimes even though I try to steal all his stuff.) So, it seemed natural to ask him what he thought it needed.

Mortal Cobalt_2.jpg

First, he agreed that it needed more edge. So, I tied the sleeves into a bow and asked again.

Mortal Cobalt_3.jpg

He approved, but he suggested adding shruggy, cape, or shawl. So, I pulled out this blue scarf from the back of my closet, and played with it a bit.

Mortal Cobalt_4.jpg

When upcycling his shirt, I gave it cold-shoulder cutouts, so it seemed appropriate to wear the deep blue scarf like shoulder pads.

Mortal Cobalt_5.jpg

Before I knew it, I was channeling a character from one of my favorite games as a kid: Sub-Zero. I liked Sub-Zero for a very profound reason; he was the blue one.

Mortal Cobalt_6.jpg

Raw-hem cigarette jeans give the heels the space to do their thing, but they're also more practical for a fight. You know, just like heels.

All-in-all, I'm pretty pleased with how this look turned out. Of course I would end up looking like a video game character with his input, but I like it. Still, I'm more excited to show you how it really looks. Find out, (not) next time, on ;)

Mortal Cobalt_1.jpg

Lipstick: Bite Beauty
Earrings: Recycled 
Jeans: Reformation
Scarf: Vintage
Clutch: Mercy Grey Design Co. 
Shoes: Crossroads Trading