Neon Web

Neon Web

Happy Halloween! Hehe :P Just kidding. It’s not quite here yet but it is absolutely the right time to dress up in more festive outfits. Last year I shared my love not waiting for October to dress up. This year I thought it would be fun to scare myself with spiders. Yikesss! 

Neon Web_7.jpg

For my color pallet, I could have gone with orange, purple, and black, but I had to represent and go green instead. Literally going to the back of my closet, I pulled out this delicate neon green silk top. 

Neon Web_2.jpg

I’ve had this top for five years and I've made sure to take excellent care of it because it's 100% silk. The fabric can be annoying because it needs to be dry cleaned but on the brightest side, it is a natural fiber and it’s biodegradable. 

For contrast, I wore what I call my Beetlejuice dress underneath my top, and belted a bit of the top with my white peplum belt. Then, I brought in my trapezoid-shaped clutch to tie in with the dress without stealing the show. 

Neon Web_6.jpg
Neon Web_4.jpg

These earrings were given to me by a friend in high school and they reminded me of a beautifully spun web. So, I had to wear them. Then I painted my nails and did my lips to match. For my lips, I mixed my Bite Beauty Lip Pencil with my Bite Beauty Lip Crayon

Neon Web_5.jpg

Lastly, say hello to the creepy crawler… Told you I was trying to scare myself! This little creep was actually a cupcake decoration that I randomly held onto. I sort of fastened him to an actual ring. Sort of, because he kept trying to run away. Maybe the fake webs were calling him home.

Neon Web_1.jpg

Top: Pre-Owned (100% Silk)  
Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Belt: Vintage
Earrings: Hand-Me-Down
Clutch: Crossroads Trading 
Shoes: Pre-Owned
Lipstick: Bite Beauty