Occult Club Prez

I’m freaking happy that Spring has arrived because of the perfect weather. However, as usual, I feel a bit underwhelmed by the typical fashion trends again this season. I find myself desperately needing to experiment with layers, patterns, color blocking, and just about any other extra creative outfit ideas.

Occult Club Prez-2.jpg

This particular look was inspired by a show I watched recently about magicians. Being the actress that I am, I was thinking about what I would wear if I was in the show...and abracadabra. 

Occult Club Prez-3.jpg

I tucked in my corset top because I wanted the top and the skirt share the spotlight. Eeeeequally.

Occult Club Prez-4.jpg
Occult Club Prez-5.jpg

Although this look was begging for a bowtie, I wore a necklace under my collar instead. You saw it here first, ladies ; )

Occult Club Prez-6.jpg

As you know, magicians are often faced with life threatening situations and although I love wearing heels, heels aren't practical battle attire. I love these Nicora boots... A LOT.

Occult Club Prez-1.jpg

Button Up: Vintage
Corset: Crossroads
Skirt: Hand Me Down
Boots: Nicora