Office Royalty

Green is an emotionally positive color that can be known to symbolize balance and rebirth. In knowing that, why wouldn't I want to bring such a color to my work environment, considering work can feel hectic and draining at times. 


I figured it would be fun to wear a dress that looks regal to the office since most people don't associate royalty with work. To help accomplish a glorious vibe, I pinned up a portion of the front of my dress to create a dramatic draping in the front to show a little more leg and add a dramatic layer.


As for my blazer, I wanted to add edge because my dress and silver necklace create a sovereign look which looks formal. This blazer with it's vertebrae like design is the perfect amount of edginess to add a twist to this look. 


I wore my leather booties to help tie in my black blazer and leather wristlet . It just so happens to be a bonus that these booties are extremely comfortable and great for a day at work.