Pink Professional

Pink Professional

It's my two year anniversary as a blogger! So, I thought I'd do a post inspired by my first look, Corporate Princess. When I originally started my blog, it was just an outlet to express myself with my style. As I continued blogging, I started to see it as a platform to promote a kinder world.


Shortly after starting my blog, I learned about the clothing industry and it's dirty production process. I also learned that the best way to help was to use what I already had. Over the years I accumulated a couple closets worth of clothes, many dating back to middle school. Some of my clothes were from thrift shops, others were handed down to me, but most were not eco-friendly otherwise. 

I loved fashion, but rather than continue to add to a major source of global pollution, I chose to be apart of the solution. 

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I adopted the five R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle. Saying no to free things has been the hardest, but the rest have been wonderful to my wallet. I also made a new rule for myself regarding new items, if it isn't sustainable, don't buy it. These new values challenged me to get creative with what I already had. For example, in this look, I fastened a ribbon to my favorite clutch by using two pieces of double sided tape. Aaand viola, now I have a clutch that compliments all my gray garments. 

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Fashion, as an industry, is all about keeping up with the Joneses. It's about being on trend and being on trend means getting rid of things that were so last season, even if they still look good. In choosing to focus on style instead of fashion, I've noticed that I'm also no longer affected by the psychological impact it has on one's self-esteem.

I don't feel inadequate just because I'm not wearing Yeezy's to Runyon Canyon, or the latest (stolen) print from Foverever 21. It's also made going out and even shooting without makeup much more appealing. In this look, I'm not wearing anything more than foundation, which just helps me look on camera like I do in real life without it. 

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As I reflect on my journey up to this point, I've realized that it's only ever really been a hobby. Although I've set goals for myself, I've haven't been terribly serious about achieving them.

Moving forward, I'd like to change that. I want post more often and more consistently. I also want to start posting about eco-friendly beauty products. I think it would be cool to do dedicated beauty posts and then not wear makeup in most of my style posts. Because makeup should be a fun additive and not a daily requirement, right?

Anyway, thanks for coming along with me on this journey of self-exploration and expression. I hope you continue to find inspiration for your outfits here, and will enjoy seeing more of what I have to offer! I certainly will haha ; P

Pink Professional-2.jpg