La Panthère

La Panthère

Last weekend I headed to LACMA. In honor of the museum, Halloween, and the next superhero movie I'm most excited to see, I thought it would be fun to mix the cliché French artist look with a superhero costume.


In the years that I've been blogging, I can't believe that I’ve never worn a single all-black outfit, until now. My goal with this look was to wear a minimal outfit with a vintage twist since I didn't want to compete with the art and most of LACMA is... dated.

Anything vintage and artistic makes me think of the beautiful actress and philanthropist, Audrey Hepburn, which motivated me to wear my Audrey pants. 


Keeping with the French-ness, I wore my cropped black bralette. It worked perfectly because the bralette framed my glass necklace, allowing it to have the spotlight. 


My beret and not wearing makeup also helped let the statement necklace be the statement. Fun fact: the black beret was once the national hat of France.  


For walking around a museum, I also usually prioritize comfort. So, I wore sliders. Sliders would also have been practical to have worn in historic France because flats are best for maneuvering on cobblestone streets ; ) 


Hat: Reformation
Top: American Apparel   
Pants: Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: The Real Real
Coat: Crossroads Trading 
Earrings: Gift
Bag: Garage Sale
Shoes: Crossroads Trading 


I hope you enjoyed La Panthère and that you have a Happy Halloween! Stay safe.