Pretty In Perforated

I am happy to share this white perforated one piece with you. I bought this vintage inspired swimsuit from Vitamin A, an eco company that I'm slightly obsessed with.


It was difficult choosing a bathing suit from Vitamin A’s summer collection, which is a nice problem to have. Every piece has a special “vibe.” Some are edgy and chic, while others are hot and sweet. I chose this one because it seemed to be all of the above. 


The perforated panel is the touch of edge the otherwise chic front silhouette needs to make it unique. By the way, this style also comes in black and red, so if you're looking for more options, go get 'em girl. 


I know that it’s rare to see people wearing statement earrings at the beach but… I’m not most people. These earrings complement the vintage look, and I'm all for complimenting oneself.


You remember that part you read, where I talked about hot and sweet? Well, this is what I meant. 


The criss-cross feature is hot and functional. The adjustable ties were strategically placed to sculpt the waistline and add a sexy feel by exposing the back. 


Finally, what I consider to be sweet, is the lack of cheekiness from my butt. Although skimpy bikinis are all the rage these days, I like to leave the boys wanting more. And nothing does that better than a bikini like this one.