Purple Gold Voltage

Wether it’s the year 2016 or 3016, the world will remember the style from the 80’s. From the lace and leather accessories, big earrings, and all gold everything, to the high waisted, high-water pants and side ponytails, there are many fashion trends from the 80’s that will never die. With that being said, I couldn't help but be inspired to create an outfit that showed my love for the unforgettable retro era. 


I chose to sprinkle a few big trends that were popular during the 80’s. For starters: my high-water purple pants. I chose purple over any other colored pant because leggings were a thing then and the bolder the better, so I chose this pant in this color to get the best of both worlds. 


The main trick when dressing for a specific era is to pay homage without your outfit looking like a costume. I made sure I toned down a few things by wearing a top that had lace displayed on the back. This helps balance the look but not having the outfit appear busy. I also chose to wear earrings that were big enough to give me that pop of gold that I was looking for, but not so big that it hogs all the attention. 


Choosing the right pair of shoes and hand bag was easy. I wanted the outfit to be cohesive so I displayed black and gold from head to toe. My shoes were already black and gold, but my clutch wasn't. So, I used a detachable gold chain from another handbag and attached it to my favorite clutch, and "Wa La", my outfit was complete.