Rad Val

A lot of crazy things happen in my dreams. Sometimes I'm blessed with an outfit, and like a writer with a notepad on their nightstand, the first thing I do upon waking up is rush over to my closet and put it together.

Rad Val_1.jpg

This oversized white denim jacket was bought for a sewing project that has yet to come to fruition. Since it was taking so long to figure it out, I decided I'd just wear it as-is and see what's up. It really doesn't fit, but... I kinda love it.

Rad Val_3.jpg

When I got this top from a cute secondhand shop, I had no idea how I wanted to style it. I just knew I loved the tie feature and the cut. Originally, the print of this crop top reminded me of a Hawaiian shirt. But obviously the way I styled it is pumping a late 80's pop vibe to the max

Rad Val_4.jpg
Rad Val_5.jpg

Since my last post was kinda heavy, let's end this one by talking about our favorite Saved By The Bell characters. Mine was Kelly because I thought she was cute. Who was yours?

Rad Val_2.jpg

Earrings: PoshMark
Shirt: The Left Bank
Skirt: Crossroads Trading
Jacket: Crossroads Trading
Purse: Garage Sale
Shoes: Susi Studio