Rain Runner

This look has been years (years!) in the making. I know it looks pretty basic, but when I tried to shoot these leggings in 2015 they gave off Killer Whale vibes that I didn't understand. And, living in sunny Los Angeles, getting the right rainy day for this coat has taken a year.

Rain Runner_2.jpg

Very few people actually go running in the rain here, but lots of people are fitness freaks who wouldn't dare miss a day of training so this look was inspired by them. You'll notice that I have both sunglasses and an umbrella. There was an equal chance of more rain, and sunshine this weekend.

Rain Runner_3.jpg

I love the hidden hood tucked into the collar, but I like the shape of it so much as it is that I'm afraid to actually use it.

Rain Runner_4.jpg
Rain Runner_5.jpg

The waist belt and reflective mini mitts give the coat a feminine shape while still being a practical coat for running.

Rain Runner_6.jpg

Another favorite feature of this coat is this SMARTSHIELD™ pocket technology pocket with a zipper and a rain cover for double protection.

Rain Runner_7.jpg

For extra warmth and protection, I wore my long sleeve, organic cotton V neck from Groceries Apparel. I always feel a sense of peace when wearing their products because the clothes are toxic free and their fits are amazing. You can check them out for yourself by clicking the link below AND when you see something you like, uses promo code "Friends20" for 20% off at check out ;)

Rain Runner_1.jpg

Earrings: PoshMark
Jacket: Crossroads
Top: Groceries Apparel
Leggings: Vintage (Similar
Shoes: Nike