Rainbow Twist

The last few two months have been "really busy" for me. Translation? I've been pretty stressed out. So much that I actually stopped drinking coffee, as it was turning my stress into anxiety. Thankfully, the past week things have been looking up, and I've been feeling more like my happy colorful self.

Rainbow Twist_1.jpg

For me to enjoy the Christmas season, it takes the right combination of me appreciating the people in my life, being thankful for all I have, spreading love to those less fortunate, and actually dressing up like "Christmas.”

Rainbow Twist_3.jpg

When I tried putting a Christmas outfit together I had trouble because the red and green programming is real and these colors aren't considered as Christmas-y. That is, until you remember those rainbow-colored candy canes. I also added these green stacked tassel earrings, since they kind of resemble conifers.

Rainbow Twist_4.jpg

Yellow is my symbol for light. Shocker right? ; P When I saw this Reformation top, I truly admired the color, along with its cutout and full sleeves features. This top is also a sweet gift to myself, since I don't care to participate in the gift receiving part of the holiday.

Rainbow Twist_5.jpg
Rainbow Twist_6.jpg

Most people wouldn't think blue represents love. But for me, it does today because these jeans are everything I could want in denim pants. They’re edgy, sexy, recycled, and unique... and just like love, worth every second of the months I waited to get them.

Rainbow Twist_7.jpg
Rainbow Twist_8.jpg

“What's a rainbow without all the colors?” was the question I asked when I realized this outfit was missing more joy. I found this to be the perfect time for me to introduce this multicolored clutch I bought on The RealReal a while back. It’s shiny. And versatile. I love it.

Rainbow Twist_9.jpg

To sandwich this look with the traditional red and green, I wore my deep-red vintage booties. They represent appreciation, since I’ve had to get them repaired twice this year and I'm pleased to be able to continue rocking them. They are one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes I own.

Rainbow Twist_10.jpg

Familial mental health issues, the death of legendary Stan Lee, and the suffocating overwhelm, brought on by conforming to societal BS, has made committing to my editorial calendar and sharing outfits seem pretty trivial. But doing it feels like that first minute in a freshly drawn bath: the only Christmas vibe I want.

Rainbow Twist_2.jpg

Earrings: Greenly Swim 
Top: Reformation 
Jeans: Depop 
Clutch: The RealReal 
Shoes: Crossroads