Retro Belle

The phrase “Shine It On” was birthed in the 1970’s and means: let it go. When someone’s being imprudent, choose to let it go. This was one of the many righteous beliefs from the feel good decade.

Retro Belle-1.jpg

Now more than ever, channelling my inner hippie and remembering to let it go helps me stay in my nature… Peace and love, man!

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Retro Belle-4.jpg

I looked to Reformation for a vintage inspired top and fell in love with this one's color and off the shoulder cut. It reminds me of a pumpkin-colored sofa from the 70’s! Even more exciting, it's made up of 88% Tencel®. Yes please! 

Retro Belle-5.jpg
Retro Belle-6.jpg

This classic Louis Vuitton handbag was given to me years ago as a birthday gift. Even though vintage LV like this was built to last, I still do my best to take care of it. Thanks, mom!

Retro Belle-7.jpg

Five years ago I bought these turquoise babies and I have hand washed them ever since. I hope to have them for many more years.


Top: Reformation 
Belt: Buffalo Exchange (Thrifted)
Pants: Crossroads (Thrifted)
Handbag: Louis Vuitton (Vintage)