She Wolf

She Wolf

Growing up in sunny Los Angles, I often long for those cold winter days where I can wrap myself up in a blanket, make some hot chocolate, and enjoy getting my work done from home. So, even though 80ºF days are in the forecast, I'm really excited for our version of winter: sweater weather! 

She Wolf_1.jpg

Even though I love this season, I don’t invest in many warm clothes. Instead, I participate in swap parties. Or I use what I have (like accessories) to bring my normal sweaters up a notch. For this outfit, I ended up borrowing this sweater from my mom. It only took a whole year of asking ;) 

She Wolf_3.jpg

The neutral color palette of this look was inspired by my friend and fellow eco-babe, Kaméa Chayne. For her, neutrals are her go to, but I tend to forget about them even though I own a bunch. Oopsies!

She Wolf_5.jpg

Edge-obsessed girl that I am, I added this corset to give the look that extra, rawr. The top of it didn't play nicely with the dress, so I used double-sided tape like a mom sending both kids to time out in the same room.

She Wolf_7.jpg

I thrifted this clutch a few months ago. It's actually the same one from my Círculo Del Solar look. But I've been waiting for just the right look to show it off with. Aside from matching everything, I liked how the modern lines made the look feel more cosmopolitan.

She Wolf_6.jpg

These pockets are placed a bit awkwardly, but I they make good hand-warmers.

She Wolf_8.jpg

I love this dress because it's one of those weirdies that perfectly balances a more conservative silhouette with sexy details, and to me, the pleats are the ultimate texture.

She Wolf_2.jpg

Sweater Coat: Borrowed  
Dress: Vintage
Earrings: Poshmark
Belt: Crossroads Trading
Shoes: Crossroads Trading
Clutch: Crossroads Trading