So, I accidentally took a month off from posting without warning. As a blogger, most of the articles about blogging note how important consistently posting is for building a loyal audience. And while I'm grateful that any of you care enough to check in with me during my absence, taking time off unexpectedly helped me break out of the mental prison I've been living in.


Usually, Spring is all about playing with colors but the weather's doing its own thing so I said, "Screw it, I will too."  I was inspired to play with textures, wear prints, layer, and wear the it color for Spring 2018… lavender. With all that in mind, my main focus was play.  


What's a queen without her crown? Well, I suppose she's still a queen. Hehe :)  This spiked gun metal headband is a fun item to play with because it's a headband, with the authority of a crown.  Donning it reminded me of playing dress up as a kid, sooo no brainer.


Turtlenecks aren't really a required garment here in Southern California, but I'm glad I have this one because it's warm on chilly days but still cool enough to wear on the random 90º day. Organic cotton's got it like that.


To add a hint of sexiness to the outfit I felt that a fitted, little black dress would do the trick. Paired with the sophisticated bell sleeves of the turtleneck, I ended up creating a look that was much more cohesive than I intended.


Now that I'm back, I have an important question to ask you: on a scale of one to ten, what's your favorite spring color?


Crown: Vintage
Shirt: Groceries Apparel
Dress: Hand Me Down
Purse: The RealReal 
Shoes: Crossroads Trading