Stud Muffin

To start February (my birthday month) off right, I decided to not wait to have some fun. Instead, I celebrated a bit this weekend by bar hopping. This outfit is what I would've worn if boys would be men.

Stud Muffin_1.jpg

This look has more tweaks than any of my previous looks. As you might've read before, I like to use safety pins for temporary alterations which I did in a couple of places, along with some slightly more permanent hand sewing.

Stud Muffin_3.jpg

When going out, I always have to bring a jacket, with the exception of sizzling Summer nights. Although I usually avoid polyester, it is really easy to clean. So, no crying over a spilled drink ;) 

Stud Muffin_5.jpg

The neckline of this dress was more on the conservative side, so to open it up a bit and give it more shape, I used a couple of safety pins.

Stud Muffin_4.jpg
Stud Muffin_6.jpg

I also added pins to the belt which normally sits on my hips. I used one giant safety pin and pinned the belt from the inside, allowing it to hug on my waist. Underneath that, I tailored the waist of the dress to exaggerate its a-line shape.

Stud Muffin_7.jpg

I’ve had these boots for 8 years and they have yet to become uncomfortable for me... They must have been made for walking. Similar to the cropped jacket, these boots are great for going out because they’re easy to clean and because they're warm. I also wore over the knee socks for extra warmth. Ironically, it was 80-something when I shot this. Climate change isn't real though.

Stud Muffin_2.jpg

Earrings: Recycled (similar)
Jacket: Crossroads Trading
Dress: Owned for 8 Years
Belt: Vintage
Clutch: Crossroads Trading
Socks: Pact Organics
Shoes: Vintage