Sugar High

Have you ever gone through a particular season in your life where you felt as if everything was complete and utter chaos? Well, I have in the past but kinda forgot what it was like, until recently.

Sugar High-2.jpg

I consider myself to be a Professional Dreamer and because of that, it’s important that I stay positive and evade negative thinking. Recently, I endured, what seemed like defeat on repeat. It caused me to want to dress as I felt, like crap. In consciously listening to my thoughts, I wanted to transcend my feelings. So, I used the psychology of color (or color therapy), which is based on the mental and emotional effects colors have on people.

Sugar High-4.jpg
Sugar High-5.jpg

Based on the psychology of color my outfit breaks down like this:

- White: Innocence / Cleanliness / Sense of Space
- Pink: Romance / Love/ Gentleness / Calmness
- Blue: Serenity / Wisdom / Loyalty / Truth / Focus
- Gold: Wealth / Success / Abundance / Prosperity
- Brown: Reliability / Stability / Friendship / Warmth / Comfort

Sugar High-6.jpg

As an added bonus my outfit turned out looking 80’s inspired. So, I added these bold dangly earrings. 

Sugar High-7.jpg

This clutch was also featured in my Electric Recipe post and I’ve been wanting to pair it with these pink shorts for the longest. Now, I'm thankful everything came full circle, kinda like the leftover fabric from when I cut my pants into these shorts a year ago. I donated the scraps to i:co, to close the loop. 

Ahhh! Happy colors, the 80's, and closing the loop... yeah, I feel as if I'm high on sugar!

Sugar High-1.jpg

Top: American Apparel
Belt: American Apparel
Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage
Clutch: Crossroads
Earrings: Hand Me Down