Super Season

I was not planning on dressing in traditional holiday attire but then I got a classic green trench coat for Christmas and... that was a game changer. It's not what you're probably thinking but it did put me in great spirits.

Super Season_2.jpg

You see, last week I saw the new Spider-Man movie and it was so amazing that I cried three times. When the movie was over I felt inspired to take Stan Lee's quote "there's a hero in all of us", to heart. Now I'm working on being the best version of myself and this coat, like a cape, makes me feel like a superhero.

Super Season_3.jpg

Like a superhero, I had to wear something kick-ass, so for starters I had my coat and for more symbolism I wore a beret. This particular hat has been used as an authority symbol and all heroes have power right ;)

Super Season_4.jpg

This recycled glass necklace is complementary to the deep-v feather of this dress. It also gives off Black Panther vibes, so I obviously had to wear it.

Super Season_5.jpg

Red is such a powerful color and something I love about this dress are its feminine ruffle details and its wrap feature. And the fact that when paired with my cape... I mean coat it feels like Christmas.

Super Season_6.jpg
Super Season_7.jpg

I hope that you have a very happy holiday and that you are inspired to be your most awesome self. Merry Christmas, to you and your inner superhero!

Super Season_8.jpg
Super Season_1.jpg

Earrings: Postmark 
Beret: Le Beret Francais Ecojean
Necklace: The RealReal
Dress: Reformation 
Coat: Reformation 
Clutch: Crossroads
Shoes: Depop