Therapy In The City

Similar to my writer's block, I was in a relationship block with Big. In order to clear it, I flew thousands of miles with the girls to California with the hopes of clearing my head and solving Big's "routine problem". When I landed, I skipped the spa to write because I was behind on my deadline. However, the California sun was begging me to go outside. So, I played doctor and prescribed myself some therapy.


After some much needed therapeutics, I thought I could actually get back to writing... But, “Wait! Where did I put my keys?! Oh no! I must have left them in my Uber.” If I didn’t have a thing about not putting keys in vintage purses, or if I just let Maranda make duplicates like she suggested then I– Damn it! Big was right, I'm a mess.

Therapy in the City_3.jpg

When I picked up the phone to call Uber customer support, I could feel my shoppers high fading away with every ring. To me, losing my keys was a bold "you can't fix anything" sign in neon lights. But, when the representative told me that the driver had just called in the missing keys and was heading back to my location, it brought back the bliss that my retail therapy had provided.

Therapy in the City_4.jpg

As I sat waiting for my observant Uber driver to return, I decided to read a newspaper that was sitting on the steps.

Therapy in the City_6.jpg

I went straight to the business section as Big's routine would have him do... Then I realized, that like gravity, we just work. With my ability to create unwanted chaos and his predictable order we were Ying and Yang. And just like that, our relationship block was non-existent.

This of course brought me joy, that and getting my keys back. Moral of the story? A little quiet time could be all the therapy a relationship needs… well sorta ; )

Therapy in the City_5.jpg

Hi hi, I’m me again : ) As I transitioned out of my typical way of blogging, I felt that Carrie from Sexy in the City, would be a great start because she’s a city girl that loves fashion and I when bought this Cara dress from Ref I instantly thought of Carries iconic, Christian Dior newspaper dress. While bingeing on all the seasons, I often asked myself, what if Carrie was a POC?

Therapy in the City_2.jpg

Earrings: The Left Bank
Dress: Reformation 
Purse: Depop
Shoes: PoshMark