Twin Linen

For about a year now, I've wanted to a denim jacket so I could wear a Canadian Tuxedo. Hah, I can't believe I'm admitting that, but it's true. Since I haven't been able to complete that denim-on-denim look, I decided to put together this linen-on-linen combo instead.  

Twin Linen_1.jpg

To set a feminine tone I wore these hot pink tassels earrings. I believe pink is the best color to complement a primarily blue outfit during Spring. Pink also adds a touch of playfulness.

Twin Linen_3.jpg

When I tried on this linen Bronte top at Reformation, it made me feel really girly. Sooo I ran with that a feeling. 

Twin Linen_4.jpg

The top was part of a two-piece set originally, but I bought it from a sample sale and couldn't find the bottoms, so instead I paired it with these linen pants. I love the buttons decorating the pockets.

Twin Linen_5.jpg

Flowers make me feel extra feminine, so of course I had to treat myself to a bundle :) I've never actually used a tote to carry around flowers, but I miiiight have to do it more often.

Twin Linen_6.jpg

As a finishing touch, I wore these shoes that my mom was getting rid of. She hardly ever wore them because they were too small for her, so I gladly took them off her hands. Well, feet, but you know I mean.

Twin Linen_7.jpg

If I were actually wearing jeans and a matching jacket I would have put together an edgy outfit because it's so overdone. But I really enjoyed starting with that as inspo then taking it a different direction. Maybe linen-on-linen can be the Californian Tuxedo. Yes? No?

Twin Linen_2.jpg

Earrings: The Left Bank
Shirt: Reformation
Pants: Vintage
Purse: Enrou
Shoes: Hand Me Down